A new car UI


This concept piece from Matthaeus Krenn challenges the current Car HMI landscape. You can understand why car HMI is the way it is with it needed to be accessible to all, but as we move into more touch displays and motion gestural experiences this kind of thinking is very important for our digital evolution. I find a couple of things that could be potentially improved but the inital thinking is remarkable.


Some potential tests or builds would be to include horizontal controls as well. The idea that you could be increasing the air conditioning tempurature on the vertical pane, while also increasing the fan speed on the horizontal pane would be handy.


Also displaying some additional information to inform the next interface element would be handy. For example when switching between media types, being able to see the other options and where they are in the list would provide a little more information for the user and reduce the distraction of exploration.


Overall this is amazing, it’s always easy to critque someone else work. As it is, it’s an amazing piece I hope it can inspire and inform UI and HMI for the future.


To see more of Krenn’s HMI concept check out his website.