Smart socks coming to a shoe near you!



If you can’t tell I’m kind of into the wearable digital devices lately… Ha I’m definitely excited about “wear” this is going so any news on them definitely grabs my attention.


This one here is a sock that tracks you’re walking/running activity and informs you of the pressures on your feet. Personally I reckon the Athlete’s Foot or Nike or some sort of shoe retailer needs to dive all over this. Imagine being able to give this to consumers and then inform them on the right type of shoe they should use or even suggest to them that based off the impact on their feet it’s time for a new pair of shoes? (It sounds evil to a certain extent but if it was actually going to benefit consumers I think it’s ok)


From Springwise:

The Sensoria sock includes a sensor that can not only suggest exercise improvements, but also inform the wearer of bad running habits and track recovery from injury.